Memories of Cork Jail, emerged again Today, from People, Human Beings who Suffered at the Hands, of Scumbags, who worked at the Dump all those years ago? Wonder, Where are they now, I mean the ROGUES???

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A number of people made contact with this blog today; they still carry the wounds psychologically of the abuse they suffered at Cork jail, over 20 years ago. The old bitter alcoholic screws, many of them from Kerry, now I would think, attending AA and the rest living out their lives bitter, Lonely and Ashamed as to how they treated their fellow human beings. Names cropped up which for legal reasons we will not state. Benny from Spunkane, an acrimonious screw bastard and O’Keeffe and others must be feeling rotten in their miserable lives. Why? Because Tyrone triumphed over the so-called Kingdom. Stutter of course, is from Cork, and we know all about the Great Limerick Hurlers; he is probably washing dishes (well that is how he began), in some nursing home or even at home with his equally miserable wife, still trying to teach him, how not to stutter, when he asks her for a cup of tea.

Many people have written into this blog about their experiences and the pain they suffered under the rogues who operated the prison and needless to say the Governor had no idea of the pain these little Hitlers caused all those years ago. It must be embarassing for the Ring, a two faced bastard, but as the Judge said, when he referred to his brothers, both Sexual Predators, “you come from a dysfunctional family” while handing down suspended sentences.

A young girl working in a shop on a remote country road, was molested by a Sexual Demon who was a driving a bread van. Of course the bread was stolen from the manufacturers at the time; they had cameras in place so they caught the thief.

This blog is reminded every month of at least 25 people who were doing a few months imprisonment for sweet fuck all and sadly happened to be put into Cork Jail which was run by a bunch of Bitter, Rogue, Alcoholic Screws, these men were out of control. I believe now the prison has much improved thankfully and the prisoners are treated with Dignity and Respect. Tonight: the people of Tyrone celebrate and the old Nursing Home Screws in Cork will go to bed like wounded prey because they deserve no less.

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