Threats from Who? Very well Timed, David Hall Stepping Down … wonder why? At least he is secure as it appears his other investments are profitable especially in the area of Emergency Services. Anthony Flynn RIP, helped Homeless People for Nothing, but Care of Human Duty?

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Inner City Helping Homeless chairman David Hall steps down over threats in wake of death of CEO Anthony Flynn

David Hall: Picture: Collins
David Hall

David Hall: Picture: Collins

August 27 2021 11:10 PM

David Hall has stepped down as chair of Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) following threats to his personal safety.

Confirming his resignation to, Mr Hall said he sent a message to staff yesterday informing the charity’s volunteers of his decision and explaining that his personal safety had been threatened in recent days. 

Last week, the founder and chief executive of the charity, Independent Dublin city councillor Anthony Flynn, was found dead in his home in a suspected suicide.

Mr Flynn was being investigated by gardaí over an alleged sexual assault and had been suspended from the charity.

In the message to staff, Mr Hall said he was advised by gardaí to step down as chairman due to threats to his personal safety. 

Anthony’s tragic death has regrettably given rise to an unwarranted social media blame campaign. I know this has given rise to upset, particularly as it has also resulted in personal safety threats to me and others,” he said.

“Sadly, I was advised by gardaí that due to threats to my own personal safety, it is not safe for me at this time to attend the office. I’ve been unable to attend the office since Anthony’s passing.

“As a result, we are faced with a situation where proper governance or support is impacted,” adding: “I can no longer fulfil my role as chair and trustee.”

Mr Hall is also a mortgage debt relief advocate as chief executive of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, and owns ambulance company Lifeline Ambulance.

In the message, Mr Hall said Mr Flynn’s passing was a “tragedy”, and said he had a “good working relationship and friendship with Anthony”. 

“While the serious matters which arose in recent weeks brought a strain to the charity as a whole, my communications with Anthony remained respectful. Attempts to suggest otherwise are simply not true,” he said.

Mr Hall said his decision to step down from the board of the charity was taken with a “heavy heart”, and “arrangements are in place to ensure that the roles I have vacated will be filled”.

Counselling resources will be made available to members of staff at the charity, as Mr Hall acknowledged that the coming weeks would “likely continue to be very difficult”.

Concluding his message, Mr Hall said: “I wish you and ICHH well and remember, you alongside Anthony, have done good work. I wish you every success in your efforts into the future as there are a small number of people who like you, really care about one of the most marginalised communities in the country.”

In a statement released on Saturday night, ICHH confirmed the appointment of Cllr Christy Burke as interim chairman, saying: “Following the resignation of David Hall as Chairman of ICHH we can confirm that as of Friday the 27th of August Cllr Christy Burke P.C has agreed to take up the position of chairman of ICHH for a short period of time.

“There will be an EGM held in the near future and further updates will follow from that meeting.”

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