Ian Bailey now Claims, Princess Diana had the Hots for him, What a Humble Englishman???

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Ian Bailey bizarrely claims Princess Diana flirted and ‘fluttered her peepers’ at him

 31st August 2021

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Ian Bailey has repeated claims in a new interview that Princess Diana flirted with him – insisting “she fluttered her peepers at me”. PierreLouis Baudey-Vignaud outside court following the conviction of Ex-journalist Ian Bailey for the murder of his mother Sophie Toscan du Plantier in 1996

Mr Bailey – who has consistently denied any role in the murder of French filmmaker Sophie Toscan Du Plantier – has written his life story in The Big Issue magazine.

In his early years in journalism, he recalled how he would often cover events with the late Princess Diana in attendance.

He wrote: “Because I was on the official Royal rota, I covered events as an approved correspondent at which the Royals attended.

The Queen and her mother often attended Cheltenham races and Diana became a patron and supporter of local charities.Diana, Princess of Wales looking at the camera© Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

“The thing I remember about Diana was that she seemed to have a habit of flirting, using her sapphire blue eyes to great effect.

“I was almost always the tallest member of the press pack and our eyes would meet. She seemed playful and would flutter her peepers at me.”

Mr Bailey also astonishingly claimed he ended up in an outdoor swimming pool at a charity fundraising event at Badminton House which was attended by Prince Charles and Spike Milligan.

But he remained coy as to who he allegedly ended up in the pool with.

The Cork-based writer said: “It was a memorable night which ended up in a heated outdoor swimming pool. The host even kindly found me a bedroom.”

Mr Bailey also opened up about his love for Ireland.

He first visited in 1986 to meet retired foreign correspondent Pat Murphy and was “blown away” by the landscape.

Bailey said: “I was meeting him to write a story. Pat, with a patch over one eye, lived in Crookhaven.

“He spoke eight languages and would greet foreign visitors in their native tongue. I was blown away by not only the lovely, wonderful friendly locals but also by the rugged beauty of West Cork and after the trip I returned first to my little flat in South London and then back to Cheltenham.

“Towards the end of the 80s, I was beginning to weary of the news merry go round.

“Most of my friends in London were Irish rather than Brits and I was beginning to yearn for a simpler, less exacting way of life.

“So in 1990, I began to plan my exit Brexit strategy. Nick (Winnington Ingram) had offered me the use of the Crookhaven cottage.

“I had friends throughout Ireland and in the summer of 1991, having sold my house in Cheltenham, I hired a transporter to move across the Irish Sea… and thus began 30 years ago my life in Ireland.

“A journey that would lead me into a Tragic event that would impact the lives of many?

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