Wally the Walrus is putting Ian Bailey under Severe Pressure, as to Who? is the Biggest Tourism Attraction in West Cork?

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Wally the Walrus swaps sinking boats for sunbathing as he continues West Cork holiday



Neasa Cumiskey

September 01 2021 06:51 AM

Wally the Walrus is still holidaying in West Cork and spent the past weekend sunbathing instead of sinking boats.

While most observers have kept their distance from Wally, an animal rescue organisation has once again reminded the public not to disturb and “startle” him.

Seal Rescue Ireland gave fans an update on the walrus’ adventures, saying: “Wally is still enjoying his time in West Cork and despite his Arctic origins, appears to be really enjoying this sunny weather we’ve been having!

“Over the weekend he was seen napping extensively and rolling around in the sunshine on one of his favorite pontoons. This resting spot, or haul out site, was situated nearby a viewing platform where lucky observers were able to enjoy watching him safely from above without causing him any stress or disturbance.” However, the organisation said that some people were getting too close to the animal and warned others that “anyone getting close enough to startle him is risking their own safety.”

“Although most people remained a respectful distance, he was interrupted on occasion by some who walked onto the pontoon and approached dangerously close to get selfies, as well as a few boaters and kayakers who repeatedly came too close.

“When this happened, he would occasionally get startled enough to roll off of the pontoon and into the water, only to have to haul himself back up again. Not only is this a great waste of energy for him, but at a whopping 800 kg, anyone getting close enough to startle him is risking their own safety.

“Please don’t put your own curiosity above the welfare of a wild animal, whether it’s Wally or one of our native pinnipeds resting on the beach.

“We hope that now that the busy summer season has ended there will be fewer crowds to control, and Wally will have a better chance to rest undisturbed on his randomly

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