The Elite Family, RTE’s Darling(s), the young Josh, Convicted Drug Dealer, who Firmly Believes he is Above the Law, and Mammy saying, Josh is Wonerful. Imagine a young man from Dublin’s inner City and the prison sentence he would receive for a similar crime. Yes Selective Justice rules the roost here, this discrimination should Never be Allowed.

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Rachel Allen’s son Joshua appeals two-month cocaine possession prison sentence

 3rd September 2021

TV chef Rachel Allen’s eldest son Joshua is appealing a two-month prison sentence he received following his conviction for minor drug possession.Rachel Allen et al. smiling for the camera© Provided by

Joshua, 21, is currently on bail pending the appeal which followed his conviction for possession of €280 of cocaine at the Pontoon in East Cork on July 10, 2020.

During a sentencing hearing at Midleton District Court on Thursday, Judge Alex Gabbett said Joshua was released from Cork Prison ‘within five weeks’ before the incident.

The judge said the seriousness of the matter was compounded by Joshua failing to take responsibility for his actions. Joshua has six previous drug-related convictions arising from a 2019 incident.Rachel Allen posing for the camera: Rachel Allen. Pic:© Provided by Rachel Allen. Pic:

Don Ryan, defence for Joshua, told the court that his client was making big changes in his life, particularly over the last number of months.

Mr Ryan said his client was making an effort to better himself by training regularly in mixed martial arts, doing farm work, and had started a stone carving business.

According to the Independent, he added that Joshua had cut ties with anyone involved in drink and drugs.

‘He has cut all of that out of his life. He couldn’t be doing what he is doing if that was in his life. He is doing well. He has made huge efforts,’ Mr Ryan said.Rachel Allen standing posing for the camera: Joshua, at 14, with his mother Rachel Allen, is appealing a two-month prison sentence he received following his conviction for minor drug possession.© Provided by Joshua, at 14, with his mother Rachel Allen, is appealing a two-month prison sentence he received following his conviction for minor drug possession.

‘He is following up with Cuan Mhuire (addiction services) aftercare by Zoom on Saturdays,’ Mr Ryan added.

Following Judge Gabbett’s sentencing of Joshua to two months in prison, Mr Ryan entered an appeal and his client was released on bail on his own bond of €400.

Joshua’s conviction in court Thursday could possibly trigger a suspended sentence he received over a previous matter. At the time he received a 15-month sentence with 15 months suspended after pleading guilty in 2019 to possessing more than €22,000 of cannabis for sale and supply.

Joshua’s case is listed for September, 7 at Cork Circuit Criminal Court, which will rule on whether the suspended term should be reactivated.

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