“My Mother’s Blood has entered Irish Soil” such haunting poignancy said by Pierre Louis Baudey-Vignaud (only child of Sophie du Toscan Plantier RIP) Gripped an Entire Nation, on the Late Late Show last night. The French say, they now have more Evidence, to finally bring Closure to their long Nightmare. We know people fear coming forward but we must stop “Shielding Murderers”. We have to be responsible people.

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‘My childhood stopped’ – son of Sophie Toscan du Plantier on mother’s murder 25 years ago

Pierre Louis Baudey-Vignaud pictured at The Late
                  Late Show in RTE, Dublin with host Ryan Tubridy.
                  Picture Andres Poveda

Pierre Louis Baudey-Vignaud pictured at The Late Late Show in RTE, Dublin with host Ryan Tubridy. Picture Andres Poveda

September 04 2021 12:20 AM

The son of Sophie Toscan du Plantier tonight issued an emotional appeal for anyone with information on his mother’s killing to come forward.

In an interview with host Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show Pierre-Louis Baudey-Vignaud looked straight into the camera and said: “Please, for you, for me, for my mother, for the justice, for all the women in this country, please call me, please email me.”

He said he is absolutely certain that someone out there knows who is responsible for his mother’s brutal murder when he was just 15 years old.

He said: “It’s been 25 years. The truth has not arrived yet, we must end this story, for me, for my mother, for the Irish people.”

He said he still lives each day with the pain of losing his mother in such a brutal manner.

“There is no words to describe my pain that is still here today. Everything changed when you lose your mother,” he said.

He said his childhood “stopped” the day when his father woke him up in the middle of the night to inform him that his mother had been killed.

He recalled how his father held him in arms.

“Very odd, too odd. He was crying and he told me we would never be the same as before. My life turned upside down. My mother was found dead with the complete body destroyed., Her face was destroyed by stones. She was almost naked with a scratch on her face and body. You can’t forget,” he said.

“She was my everything. I was like a little monkey attached to her,” he said of following her around everywhere.

“We had a special connection, we looked the same with freckles,” he said.

Mr Baudey-Vignaud was just 15 years old when Sophie was found dead on a laneway leading from her isolated holiday home at Toormore, outside Schull, on December 23, 1996.

Mr Baudey-Vignaud named his eldest child Sophie in honour of his mother and has insisted on keeping the Toormore cottage she described as her “dream home”. He vowed that he will never stop campaigning for justice for his mother.

He said it was difficult and “strange” to appear on tonight’s show in light of the 25th anniversary of his mother’s death.

Yet despite the horrific events that unfolded in Schull, he said he still loves coming to his mother’s beloved house in West Cork with his own children, aged 8 and 9 as a reminder of how she was.

“I continue to visit her,” he said.

“I love Ireland, it’s part of my roots now but I can’t forget that my mother’s blood had entered Irish soil now,” he said.

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