The Son of the Late Sophie du Plantier Spoke to Ryan Turbridy tonight. Pierre Appealed to People who hold the Vital Information, to come forward and Help him, and his Family, to have Closure after 25 years, and Solve this Horrible Murder.

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Sophie Toscan Du Plantier’s son Pierre-Louis spoke candidly on tonight’s Late Late Show about how his mother’s murder completely turned his life upside down.

The 40-yr-old Frenchman said that although it’s been 25 years since his mother’s murder in West Cork in 1996, Pierre-Louis thinks about her every day and takes his children to his mother’s house in West Cork where he still feels very close to her.

Regardless of a film and a Netflix documentary, Pierre-Louis said that justice still hasn’t been served and appealed to the Irish public who may have information in relation to Sophie’s murder to contact the garda confidential line on 1800 66-61-11.

Pierre-Louis, a well spoken person, said that he hopes to one day to justice served for his mother who he was very close to.

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