THINK GOVERNMENT – THINK HUNGER GAMES! How many scandals have there been involving Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and their lesser sidekicks the Green Party? How many do we really know about and why do we let them continue to roll us over and wait for the next scandal to emerge;

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while we moan and groan, but yet sit back in shock and awe when the next scandal emerges and then let rip on Facebook in armchair anger, all the while knowing that it is going to happen again. We almost become indignant at the thoughts that we have been played for fools, time and time again, but readily accept it as a matter of course because there is some excitement in having a go at Leo or Michael or even Simon on Facebook or Twitter while forgetting that the narcissistic side of them really doesn’t give a flying foot about what you or I think. You see, we Irish are really a placid race. Hammered into an obedient shape by 800 years of foreign rule. Cap doffing to the church, politicians, the rich, the judiciary, the establishment and now insidious outside influences that have all but destroyed our national identity. We are also a very easily distracted and easily led race. We tend to enjoy kicking the shit out of each other when it comes to taking sides over contentious issues. Issues such as the pro-vax versus anti-vax squabble, Collins versus de Valera (who was the better man?) Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and those bloody Greens versus the rest of humanity. Who is the better team: Liverpool or Manchester United? However, there is one thing that most of us agree on and that is we have a government that is intentionally divisive, working to an agenda that we don’t understand, taking orders from elsewhere, and are pushing us into red and blue corners so that we constantly square up in the middle of the ring and beat the crap out of each other, while the establishment looks on gleefully. Think Hunger Games! LET’S TALK ZAPPONEGATE. People are taking sides as all humans do. It’s only natural to do so. Strangely though, it seems that people are incapable of seeing how we are being divided into two camps by this particular government with some feeling like they should become apologists for them and others ready for a newly built Gulag somewhere near Roscommon, all because they can see through the bullshit that we are being subjected to day in, day out. All the while the establishment carry on as normal while the little people are fighting amongst themselves and squabbling over the cake that the establishment throw out by the bucket load. I know that it has been done to death, but the ZapponeGate affair should focus minds on what is really happening here. The establishment are rubbing our noses in it by not being afraid to show how much corruption they can put on public display. They have even stopped hiding it from us in a manner that is clearly designed to show how much power they really have over us. Strangely, they don’t even bother insulting us behind our backs anymore. COWARDICE WITH A CAPITAL MICHAEL MARTIN. With that said, we have a government that is made up of cowards when they do eventually get caught out. They always roll out their very own verbal combatting machine that is Leo. Leo is a classical narcissist who feels no pain, embarrassment, or guilt. Leo’s apologies are like razor blades cutting the inside of his mouth, but he seems to take perverse pleasure in chewing on them while lying through his teeth. Using the Attorney General as backup to lie for Leo tells us everything about the man and his narcissistic need to win every argument, even when he has been outed. (forgive the pun!). Meanwhile, Michael Martin goes hiding under the bed, clearly afraid of a good judging and a public flogging that he deserves. I have to say it… He is the most cowardly, weakest, pissiest, most people unfriendly, limp-wristed Taoiseach that this country has ever had the displeasure of sitting in that chair. Bring back Leo. At least he admits that he is limp-wristed. Michael depends on his press advisors to protect him from the pointy finger of the little people hence you don’t see any articles being published on his ZapponeGate stance or anything else of any great importance for that matter. I suppose I should add that in a BDSM type ritual, Leo blindfolded and tortured him by keeping him in the dark and deep dungeon about the Zappone UN stitch-up job while Michael took the pain and punishment with his mouth tightly shut, but eyes wide open. I know he hates it when Leo is called Taoiseach by mistake, so we should all call Leo ‘Taoiseach’ for the fun of it. Yeah, just for the punishment factor that Michael appears to enjoy! One more man that has tried to evade the gaze of the public is slippery Simon. Simon Coveney it seems was the one [via Leo] who offered Zappone the makey-up UN job but has gone to ground, nowhere to be seen. Simon’s part in all of this is no less important as his actions in giving Zappone the makey-up job is also corruption. Simon is a proper player but keeps the squeaky clean facade out there as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. FAGIN AND HIS THIEVING GANG HAVE NOTHING ON THESE BOYS. You see, what this all comes down to is that we have the cast of Oliver in government who are feathering their nests and that of their cronies. They just can’t help themselves. In fact it is a way of life for them. Meanwhile, back to the real important issues such as the pro-vax versus anti-vax squabble, Collins versus de Valera (who was the better man?) Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and those bloody Greens versus the rest of humanity. Which one is better? Liverpool or Manchester United and anything else that causes mini warfare in a distracted society. I say keep fighting amongst yourselves and let the government get on with the very important work of screwing you over while you are distracted. Corruption is a very important function of government you know, so let them get on with it and mind your own business.

Posted by Fred Bassett

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