When do we Give Whistleblowers Full Protection, not Crucifixion?

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Justice for Whistleblowers

tsSMlarpshyo ns14noreed  · Garda Whistleblowers and innocent people framed by detectives in NBCI, Harcourt Square, the DPP’s office and senior Garda management and not one Garda prosecuted over it by the political run DPP’s office .NBCI and the DPP’s office protecting the elite and connected in Ireland.
#Jason OMahony
Garda framing and Brutality by the Garda section NBCI in Ireland, covered up by the DPP’s office is still going on
Just some of the cases Gardaí in NBCI were involved in framing people, with the assistance of the DPP’s office, which cost the taxpayer millions in pay-outs:
The DPP’s office in Ireland is the only DPP’s office that does not record the miscarriages of justice it is responsible for? And when the DPP’s is sued it makes the people they framed sign a non-disclosures agreement so it will be all covered up.


Another innocent person framed by Gardai NBCI
Gardai framed man over his own brother’s death

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