Leo the Leak is back Again???

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May be an image of 3 people and text that says
        'Varadkar branding knack peaked Kylie fanboy with a penchant for
        perks, Mercs and leaks... many, tothe gun' Fáilo decline
        inflicted ofdamage Tanaiste. Young egotiation Garda leadership
        Varadkar driven: Leo Varadkar Taoseach (Irish Prime Minister)'.
        Tuathail a Enda, tried ppointed Taoiseach some growing Séamus
        Supreme sacking. DOUBLE Taoiseach's creation how epitomised
        really Hogan and Barry positioning own taying prologue
        Government received toIreland courtesy Taoiseach headed paper,
        hurdles, signed Simon Coveney's AND PERKSFOR GAEL BOYS Afar more
        serious indication opponent'

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