This Garda should be Charged for Theft, before the Courts, but this is Ireland, some would say one of the most Corrupt Countries in the World? This week’s Cronyism endorsed Simon Coveney elitist private school “apologise style” Proved this, beyond any Doubt. Merrion Gate makes a shambles of the Code of Ethics and Procedures. Garda Corruption is Rampant, one Weakness Jim O’Callaghan has, he is that he appears to be Blind to it, Why?

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Gardai steal people’s property

Gardai constantly stealing property belonging to people here is another example of theft by garda Garda Adrian Ivers stole a speaker system from a seized car and he was found out he claims it is all innocent as they all do He has lost his court application to stop his dismissal This garda should be charged with theft and it should be exposed all over the media , why isn’t it ?…/1808eb…/2021_IEHC_574.pdf/pdf…

AuthorGardai steal people’s property Every word in this FB post about the corruption in the gardai is so true and all fact

May be an image of text that says 'Garda corruption
        FRAUD RAMPANT PERJURY Property stolen & innocent people
        framed dally by gardal'

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