From the Monk to Romeo, Hutch went on a Flirting Mission, and now can Reflect in his Spanish Cage??

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Gerry Hutch not living a Monk’s life as he was joined by mystery woman everywhere he went in Spain



Gerry Hutch was not living a Monk’s life as he hid from the police in Spain.

He was accompanied by a mystery woman who went everywhere with him and they quietly mixed using the mass of tourists as cover in the busy Costa del Sol resort of Fuengirola.

For six months they lived in a small apartment in Constitutional Plaza right in the middle of the town and from out of his window the first thing Ireland’s most wanted criminal saw was the beautiful church of Our Lady of El Rosario, in the middle of the square.

Indeed locals say he was a regular visitor and was often be spotted praying and lighting candles.

Staff in the coffee shops and restaurants around the resort used to call him Mr Bean, because he was the image of the BBC comedy character played by Rowan Atkinson.

He would often go to Temptations coffee shop next to Dunnes Stores clothing shop and the Moroccan staff remember him because of his Mr Bean face.

Gerry Hutch

One said: “He would just come and have his coffee and say very little. He’d be waiting for his partner while she shopped in Dunnes.”

But Hutch, 58, more than anything loved his food, especially his pizza and pasta.

At least two or three nights a week they would go to the plush Limoncello Italian restaurant about a two-minute walk from his Spanish home. He had his own table which he would request all the time which gave him a bird’s eye view of the whole restaurant.

It was at this table that he was arrested last week when the Spanish police and a member of the gardai finally caught up with him.

The head waiter of the restaurant told the Irish Mirror: “Mr Hutch would come in with this woman two or three times a week.

“I have been working here for six months and he has been here every week since then.

“He was a very normal and calm person. He enjoyed his food and particularly his pizza.

“We had no idea who he was or that he was a top Irish gangland boss. He was friendly and kind and would always give us a tip from €5 to €10. Ever since he was arrested Irish people have been ringing up and asking if they can book Gerry Hutch’s table. I suppose some people have weird humour.

“All of the Irish people who come in speak well of him and say that he is like Robin Hood, he robbed the rich to help the poor.

“They all think he is innocent and are getting pictures taken at his table. The woman was very nice, I don’t know who she is but she was always with him. They seemed very happy together.”

It is understood Hutch remained calm when he was nicked under a European arrest warrant .

He is facing charges over the Regency Hotel shooting in which David Byrne died. The main target in that attack was Daniel Kinahan who escaped serious injury.

It was a revenge attack against the Kinahan cartel for the murder of Hutch’s nephew Gary, 34, in Spain in 2015. Eighteen people died in the subsequent Kinahan-Hutch feud with most of the dead on the Hutch side.

The Spanish authorities had been looking for Hutch in the Canaries, especially Lanzarote which he
regularly visited, but the search went cold last April.

The crime boss was then tracked to the Costa de Sol in recent weeks.

The coastal town of Fuengirola is one of the most popular resorts in southern Spain and is normally full of Irish tourists.

Staff at some of the Irish pubs along the entertainment area Fish Alley said they saw him once or twice but didn’t realise him.

One barman said: “I recognise the face now alright but I wasn’t really paying attention at the time.

Guardia Civil Released Footage showing the arrest of Gerry Hutch.

“He seemed decent enough to me, very pleasant and quiet. They would come in and have one of two drinks.”

Hutch is being held at a maximum security prison in Madrid.

It is still not known if he will fight his extradition or agree to be sent home. The process could take a few months.

A Garda source said: “Gerry’s biggest worry is he could become an easy target for the Kinahans if he is held in an Irish prison.

“His biggest argument will be that his life is at risk.

“We have to ensure we can protect so that he can stand trial.”

It will be at least another week or 10 days before he appears in court because of the Spanish holidays.


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