Zappone gives Coveney a “Lift”. The “distraction” is the UN appointment for Freedom of Expression envoy. Sadly Coveney, Zappone, Varadkar placed an an over emphasis on the LGBT connection; the best of all is that communication was by mobile phones and selectively deleted so no records exist. A farce of a situation but tolerated ensued. In the interim, ignored by those who should have been engaged, the UK and EU are at loggerheads over the NI Protocol while Zappone has monopolised the Government, the people and the Media for weeks now, scattering attention to such a degree that Coveney and cronyism have resulted in “Egoism” Foreign Affairs, while sadly forgetting to keep their eye on the ball. The Northern Ireland Protocol has been totally ignored by Mr Coveney and the rest including Micheal Martin who has told the members if you don’t follow my “Whip” you get suspended for 6 months. We know he will follow through with this because he Barred former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern (Good Friday 1998) for life which tells us it will be with ease he expels those who don’t back re asking Coveney to step down. This is an assault to Irish Democracy. Zappone most definitely is the person “riding the bicyle” these days.

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