Do not ever think, we do not have these type of Evil Perverts here in Ireland, we have, in high places also? This hideous crime of child sexual abuse is perpetrated now just as then.

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Abused paid off covered up

CATHY FOX Irish ex MP, Patrick Sarsfield Donegan unmasked as Child Sexual Abuser

Irish ex MP, Patrick Donegan unmasked as Child Sexual Abuser https:// …https:// …

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Irish ex MP, Patrick Sarsfield Donegan unmasked as Child Sexual Abuser

Posted on 2016, August, 12 by cathy fox blog

At the turn of the millenium in Eire, there was a case of child
sexual abuse by a member of Parliament that had uncanny parallels two
decades later with the Greville Janner case in England.

He has been identified in 2015 through detective work by Shame of Ireland. Their webpage is here [9] and twitter @ShameOfIreland [10]
They unmasked him by following clues in newspaper articles in which he
was not named, but various details were described. This can be read on
their post and comments here [2a].

Their work leaves no doubt that the child abuser was Patrick
Sarsfield Donegan, but this is perhaps the first time he has been named.
He was a TD, but is now dead. [A Teachta Dála (TD) is a member of Dáil
Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas, the Irish Parliament,
equivalent to an MP.]

The corporate media have not followed up this good detective work, reluctant  it seems to expose the
crimes of the supposed democratic representatives of the people. This is
one reason for the continuing demise of these papers. Maybe one
newspaper will step forward, expose the ex TD for the sake of truth and
the victims, and credit Shame of Ireland for their work. If not it is up
to peoples social media to spread the truth. Please start blogging and /
or spreading the truth. Each individual counts.

Patrick Sarsfield Donegan

  • Not charged until 40 years after offending
  • Committed many offences
  • TD (Irish MP)
  • Eventually Director of Public Prosecutions recommended prosecution
  • Evaded prosecution on grounds of ill health, some thought it was illness of convenience
  • Died not long afterwards
  • Never faced trial

All of the above are similar to Greville Janner in England.

Donegan was accused of 70 sex attacks on 5 schoolchildren dating back
to the 1950’s
. One woman said the abuse started when she was just
six-years-old and lasted for eight years
. Her accusations were supported
by four other women who all said the former politician abused them as
young girls.
The five women came forward to Gardai in 1997. [2a] At least some of the  attacks were meant to have happened in a school [6], and one child states that she told a nun of the attacks [2a]

The Director of Public Prosecutions decided to go ahead with the prosecution [6]

Donegan got High Court permission in 1998 to challenge proceedings,
claiming it was unfair to continue the proceedings having regard to
delay in making complaints, his age, the availability of witnesses and
material evidence, the generalised nature of the allegations and
previous adverse media publicity.

In March 2000 Donegan went to High Court seeking an order restraining
the DPP from further proceeding with the criminal prosecution.
the proceedings were struck out, as there was no determination to be
made as the trial could not proceed due to his age and deteriorating
mental condition. The DPP formally withdrew its prosecution 2 months
later [6].

This denied his victims justice in the justice system but does not stop the truth.

His whole career will now have to be reassessed in light of this revelation.

Hopefully others will come forward with their stories. It is unlikely
this abuse stopped at 5 victims. Shame of Ireland webpage is here [9] and twitter @ShameOfIreland [10]

May be an image
        of 6 people and text that says 'BAYVED REMEMBER TO VOTE

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