Brendan Ogle Reponds to Joe Duffy, and his big Mouth???

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Brendan Ogle: “There
        is no party to represent a broad, progressive, human rights
        base.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

LIVELINE YESTERDAY – FOLLOW UP POST Yesterday Joe Duffy on RTÉ Liveline sought to link me by name with the disgusting behaviour of the far-right anti/vaxxers towards grieving families. This happened despite my repeatedly calling out and condemning this behaviour. I was later advised that RTÉ issued an online retraction and apology. I have listened back to the entire show now. The original mention and context was appalling. Liveline were dealing with a grieving family being targeted by anti-vaxxers, Gemma O’Doherty in that case, with a member of that family on air. It was heart rending listening to the woman talk about the appalling treatment her family were subjected to. Joe Duffy was bemoaning that powerful people and bodies had not had the courage (with the exception of the Beaumont Hospital which I wrote about myself) to take these people on or call them out. It was in that context that he shoehorned in a gratuitous and out of context remark about Mary Lou McDonald, John Douglas and I being linked to Ben Gilroy who was not previously mentioned. It was appalling. The apology and retraction/explanation towards the end of the show came after a FB post by me and my message on Twitter. I have consistently opposed the far-right hate agenda of O’Doherty, Waters, Gilroy, the National Party, Yellow Vest Ireland and others for a number of years. In addition to social media I have written articles, Blogs, spoken on national radio about the matter and spoken to a number of Journalists asking them to highlight the issues. These include Mick Clifford, Justine McCarthy, Ivan Yates, Matt Cooper, Hugh O’Connell and others. I went further. I made a formal written complaint about Gemma O’Doherty and presented a full dossier of her behaviour to Store Street Gardai almost a full 3 years ago which was sent to the DPP. That I did so was reported in the Sunday Times by Journalist Justine McCarthy who, rightly, got considerable praise yesterday from Joe Duffy for her writing on the matter – even while he was trying to link me to the behaviour of the cretinous far-right. I (and under my leadership Unite the Union, Republic of Ireland) have been vehemently opposing and highlighting the dangers of the emergent far-right for a long time. In that context it is shocking and alarming that the first mention of my name by RTE in the context of the far-right is to seek to link me to them. I am glad my position on these matters was clarified later in the show, albeit after the discussion had ended. (The image below has been used on this page before too)

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