The Saga, the Unsolved Murder goes on; at this Stage, people will make their own Minds up??

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‘I’m sure there was a connection’ – Ian Bailey on who he believes may have murdered Sophie Toscan du Plantier

14th September 2021

Ian Bailey has lifted the lid on his suspicions surrounding the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier by saying he may know the identity of her killer.

Mr Bailey, who has been linked to the French woman’s murder for 25 years, said he believes a deceased male from Bantry is the person he suspects of committing the murder.

The man Mr Bailey suspects of the murder was known to Ms du Plantier, Bailey said during an interview on Virgin Media One.

“I’m sure there was a connection,” Mr Bailey said when asked how close Ms du Plantier was with the man from Bantry.

“When this happened… the police were going door-to-door and they went to a man’s house in Goleen. A certain man said he was driving to work about 7:30 and he was overtaken by a blue car at dangerous high speeds and they almost ran him off the road.

“He then reported this to An Garda Síochána and he could remember some of the number plate. He gave this information to the guards and they didn’t launch any appeal to do with this car,” Mr Bailey said.

Bailey, who was convicted of Ms du Plantier’s murder in France in absentia, said he would be prepared to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence in the crime.

Mr Bailey said he volunteered to do a lie detector test during the filming of Jim Sheridan’s documentary on the crime for Sky Crime but Mr Sheridan refused to take him up on his offer. He also acknowledged that a lie detector test has “no validity in law”.

Bailey said he and his partner are “in the process of disentanglement” after a separation earlier this year. Bailey was candid in his admissions of domestic abuse towards his partner Jules Thomas, saying it was to his “eternal shame” that he beat her so badly she was hospitalised.

While he acknowledged the violence, Bailey said: “that doesn’t make me a murderer”.

Asked whether Bailey had anyone else in his life following the split with his long-term partner, he said, “I’ve got some good friends, male and female”.

Mr Bailey is in the process of writing an autobiography about his life and added that he has “nothing to do with this terrible crime”.

“I know some people like me and some don’t,” Mr Bailey said, adding that he became a “pariah” after he was linked to the crime.

Ian says he uses poetry and writing as a form of catharsis to escape the connection with Sophie’s murder and admitted he had to adopt a “John Wayne state of mind”.

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