Rebecca, your Language? He was Convicted, in Dealing in Drugs, so Wake up, get a life, keep well, hope his family are Safe, he should have kept Away from Drugs, Life gets Complicated, Drugs Destroy Lives.

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Rebecca commented on The Fugitive; well, no more Hiding for him, he has been Caught so probably no more Hospital Visits as excuses. Years later his dealing has escalated from Cannabis to Cocaine which is the Supplier’s game and thankfully this man has been arrested? Finally caught Dealer on run for over a decade arrested in the UK after police seized £1.6 million of cocaine Arrest came as … We’ll this is slander as Anthony hasn’t been convicted of cocaine and he was only charged with conspiracy he was not caught with any drugs or money he’s name was given as a cop out by the real criminal who had the drugs , Anthony Terry’s previous conviction and flee because in danger of his and his family life shouldn’t be a topic on this bullshit site it’s disgusting you don’t know anything!

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