Would the person, who took the Video, of the Wheelchair woman, being Dragged from the Park, please come Forward, and Expose these Thugs in Uniform???

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The PSNI watchdog has said it wants to speak to a man who may have witnessed a woman who uses a wheelchair apparently being dragged along the ground by PSNI officers in Co Armagh.

The Police Ombudsman’s Office has appealed for witnesses to the incident in Lurgan Park in Lurgan on Monday July 26.

The incident happened sometime between 9.15pm and 10.05pm.

A spokesperson said: “We are appealing for witnesses who may have observed a female wheelchair user being removed from the park by police and placed into their vehicle.

“Police have reported to our investigation that there was a male witness at the scene who spoke with police when they attended.

“We would be particularly keen to speak with this man or any other witnesses to the incident who saw what happened or recorded video footage of the incident on their mobile phone.”

A video of the incident was shared widely on social media, although the full circumstances remain unclear.

The video is recorded from a distance and appears to show two officers, each holding one of the woman’s arms, dragging her along the grass towards the gate of the park.

A still photo accompanying the video appears to show an officer then pushing a wheelchair out of the park.

It is understood the woman being dragged out of the park was the wheelchair user.

Speaking at the time, Assistant Chief Constable Bobby Singleton said: “We are aware of a video which has appeared on social media showing part of an incident involving two of our officers and a member of the public. This has given rise to serious community concerns.

“The full circumstances of this incident are currently being assessed and the Police Ombudsman has been notified. There are no further details at this time.”

The Police Ombudsman is an independent body that handles complaints about the conduct of police officers.

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