We have a Housing Crisis, Scandal is a better word, But nobody takes Bluffer O’Brien seriously, he is the Joke of the Year, now, sadly, he is not Alone. Fred has his comments too….

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May be an image of 4 people, people standing and text
        that says 'A DEN OF INIQUITY! Business owners confront Housing
        Minister over major project in Limerick O'BRIEN UNDER PRESSURETO

Fred takes holidays just like the Dail creators of fantasies. Housing is in the news or more importantly the lack of it, other than of course the promises. The students are sleeping on couches while the investors in student accommodation premises are raking in the profits. COVID-19 enabled them to move outside the scope of “student” accommodation because there was little demand for hostel /tourist accommodation. The result the costs for students are prohibitive that is unless you have a rich Mammy and Daddy.

Housing in Ireland is a scandal. They say we have some 200,000 vacant properties ie according to the last census. People who are part of Twitter are now putting up photos of derelict properties including factories and highlighting just how big a scandal our Government are endorsing by no action. Repair and Lease was brought in 2016 yet shamefully it was basically written off but for a few entities like Peter McVerry Trust to get houses which had been derelict for at least one year back into the marketplace. It works. It takes approximately 3 months to get a semi-detached in rag order back on stream and a family in need have a home, near a supermarket, railway, college, schools etc. People are taking photos of vacant houses and uploading them on Twitter. Time to do this. Wake up Darragh O’Brien. Make him know his Brief this Fall and let him tap the market of “Repair and Lease” even if he has to make a few tweaks to the legislation. Our cities are tired. We have retrofit as a demand to do from the environmentalists so let’s now take this seriously. For Twitter: Check out Frank McDonald, Rory Hearne, Lorcan Sirr, Frank O’Connor, Jude Sherry, Mel Reynolds…it is time to look around and then participate and force the people in power to create the necessary homes for people to live in.

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