A Dead Son, Brother, Suicide, a Mother in Pain, a Family Suffering? Maeve Sheahan, should Stop now? Anthony cannot Defend himself, that Suits Millionaire David Hall very well? Why the Gutter Press. Let Anthony at least RIP? Fred’s indignation below.

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Late councillor Anthony Flynn dismissed his suspension as ‘more bulls**t’

New report from former chairman of charity promises facts behind controversy 

Councillor Anthony Flynn. Photo: Gareth

Councillor Anthony Flynn. Photo: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Maeve Sheehan

September 19 2021 02:30 AM

A new report has set out the circumstances surrounding the suspension of homelessness campaigner Anthony Flynn from the charity he co-founded over two allegations of sexual assault.

Mr Flynn, the chief executive of Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) and a Dublin city councillor for the north city, died by suicide on August 18, fuelling bitter recriminations over the charity’s handling of his suspension.

The report by the charity’s former chairman David Hall, which includes a dossier of emails and texts, details for the first time a factual chronology of the events that culminated in Mr Flynn’s death. It will be presented by Mr Hall to an annual general meeting of ICHH tomorrow.

Fred says what comes to mind sadly is: “Dead men can’t sue”. However, Anthony deserves some degree of respect. He is only 1 month RIP. It’s easy to gather together all the texts, emails, communications and put them in a file, but pure common decency would not prepare a report including this data and make it available in a public domain. Shameful behaviour. Where is Christy Burke? David Hall and those surrounding him are out of order? This represents a Police State mentality. If it was criminal offence, the process would involve Gardai, making a case, deciding whether it goes to the DPP and they deciding whether there is enough evidence for the case to go to court. Too much power in the heads of little men, I would suggest.

Addendum from Fred: A barrister was immediately retained on the instruction of David Hall et al at the ICHH. This same barrister is representing Ireland at the European Court of Justice regarding retention of data and privacy with implications relating to Dwyer (Elaine O’Hara RIP). One can assume this barrister’s services are not cheap. I would like to know how much has been paid or will be paid to Remi Farrell for his service?.

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