What happened at the home of Leo Varadkar and his partner was Wrong. Wrong needs to be qualified because there are people who believe that Varadkar, has used his “Homosexuality Status”, in excess and everyone knows is a Dirty Game. Leo should Stop the PR Self Pity Bullshit; as for Madigan, well any Swing Insurance Advice, call her urgently, isn’t that Right Maria ? Zappone also got her answer. People have no problems with LGBT necessarily but not when it floods the arena of politics.

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May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'Josepha
        Madigan TD... 2h.. 2h It's not OK for the mob to appear at home
        of @LeoVaradkar shouting invective vitriol! Call this out as
        unacceptable! Those who flippantly attack here on social media
        & mainstream media might reflect on their words. This is the
        consequence! Let's not take democracy for granted! 39 429
        Craic-Hommy @Troscad_Dbarna Replying to @josephamadigan and
        @LeoVaradkar This is such a False equivalence. There is a big
        difference between legitimate criticism over his politics and
        vile homophobic abuse'

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