Zappone really made a laughing Stock of this Government, led by the Viper Martin???

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        Dr Harold News @DrHaroldNews After Katherine Zappone turns down
        an invitation to appear before the Oireachtas committee, the
        nation respectfully waits for to also turn down her generous
        taxpayer-funded Oireachtas pension. her'

Zappone thinks she’s above accountability. The benefits of US/Irish dual citizenship are clear to us now with the actions of Katherine Zappone. The Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence in Ireland aren’t worthy of the attendance of Ms. Zappone. She is well within her rights to decline to discuss her appointment as a UN Special Envoy and isn’t compelled to appear before the committee. She is a private citizen and is no longer in public office but clearing this up could let us move on to more important subjects such as housing, homelessness, unemployment and the environment. She is a former Government Minister after all. The government that appointed her to the position of Minister for Children must be wondering at their own judgement, picking someone with such an obvious lack of empathy and narcissistic arrogance. Oh wait… that was probably the criteria for the job.

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