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GSOC launches investigation into ‘certain aspects’ of arrest of 14-year-old boy by Gardaí

 22nd September 2021

GSOC HAS LAUNCHED an investigation after a 14-year-old boy was arrested by members of the gardaí.a close up of a toy car

The Garda ombudsman has decided to investigate the arrest and detention of the teenager, and has appealed for witnesses to the incident. Gardaí confirmed that they had detained and later released the teen on the date in question.

The teenager had been driving a scrambler bike in the Finglas area. Gárdaí said in a statement that officers “interacted with a motorcycle which failed to stop” and subsequently a male teenager was detained and brought to Finglas Garda Station. 

Videos have been shared online showing the arrest of the 14-year-old. The video shows a number of officers apprehending the teenager, who at one point is on the ground.

Members of the local community have written to Finglas Garda Station to inform officers that they plan to peacefully protest outside the station on Thursday. 

The family of the teenage boy, who was wearing a helmet during the arrest, say he suffered injuries to his head and body in the incident.

Gardaí, in a statement, said officers “interacted with a motorcycle which failed to stop”. 

A spokesman said: “A male teenager was subsequently detained [and] brought to Finglas Garda Station. The teenager was subsequently released and has been referred for consideration for inclusion in the Youth Diversion Programme.

“An Garda Síochána has referred certain aspects of the arrest and detention to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission. As Gsoc has commenced an investigation it would be inappropriate for An Garda Síochána to make any further comment at this time.”

Gsoc has appealed for witnesses to the incident to come forward. 

“The incident involved the arrest of a lone male on a scrambler motorbike at approximately 19:55 hours on Saturday 18 September 2021 in Finglas by plainclothes and uniformed Gardaí.

A Garda Superintendent referred the matter to GSOC in accordance with section 102 (1) the Garda Síochána Act, 2005. The incident is now under investigation by Gsoc.

“Anyone with information which may be of assistance to the investigation is asked to contact Gsoc at 1890 600 800 or info@gsoc.ie.”

It is understood officers had earlier been made aware of a serious incident involving a person on a scrambler bike who had fired shots at a house in the same area. The teen who was arrested was not involved in that earlier incident.

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