This Thundering Gobshite has the City Destroyed, you cannot get Buggy Space, never mind a Car? Dont forget the Muppet here was part of the FF Government in 2009, that Destroyed a Country???

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May be an image of 1 person, bicycle and road

Soro9hegd  · Hugh Gallagher posted this; Utter madness. These tree hugging green fascists are destroying lives. While all this is happening, where’s the architect of the madness, Ryan? Off to Slovenia, to a Climate Conference! Did the saver of the planet travel by an environmentally friendly magic carpet? No! The duplicitous hypocrite flew on a gas guzzling plane. Yet, this clown wants to tax fuel to the point where many pensioners will freeze to death this winter. Apart from anything else, this peat that was imported had to go on a boat and lorry, so where’s the saving to the environment? This utter madness needs to be countered. Over the past 18 months, politicians have taken advantage of the compliance of Irish people and are now so confident that there will be no fightback that they’re just laughing at us.

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