Afghanistan: Source of Opium, largest supplier; Lithium, essential for electric cars but this could never be imagined. Rugs…the handmade rugs that need young children with fine fingers from dawn to dusk making them. But then check out this form of Propaganda and ask who buys these rugs?

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NEW! Large and Room size war rugs are now available

First batch of Unexploded Ordnance Rugs

Unexploded Ordnance Afghan War Rug

Original and unique drone rugs for sale

The Original Drone War Rug

As seen in the New York Times on March 30, 2019

Discover the main groups of war rugs available for sale.
Blue SubtleOvert Weapons
‘Baluchi’ and Timuri designs woven near HeratRows of Weapons
PictorialRed Rugs
Landscapes, Portraits, and Map RugsTurkmen rugs mostly woven in refugee camps in Pakistan.

Yellow RugsWTC Rugs
Also Turkmen, both from camps and later Northern Afghanistan.Turkmen from Northern Afghanistan.

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