A Suicide, a Dead son, brother, and a Kangaroo Court set up by Who? Hall it may be, an EGM Cancelled. But what we do know is that Allegations are not Facts? Why this, Something Stinks here??? Then consider Garda Leaks; ask TD Barry Cowen about Garda Leaks, or Maurice McCabe??? Anthony Flynn cannot Defend himself. Why? Sadly he is Dead???

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We believe more victims will now come forward’

Alleged sexual assaults, cocaine use and secret taxis outlined in report into homeless service, writes Maeve Sheehan

The late Anthony Flynn. Picture by Gareth Chaney

The late Anthony Flynn. Picture by Gareth Chaney

September 26 2021 02:30 AM

Gardaí probing complaints that late charity boss Anthony Flynn sexually assaulted two homeless men also investigated whether a third person may also have been present for one of the alleged attacks last May.

An exchange of text messages on a phone seized from Mr Flynn suggested he invited another man to his house on the same night as one of the victims of an attack, according to informed sources.

However, gardaí found no evidence that a third party was present on the night in question, or that any third party witnessed any of the alleged assaults, a source close to An Garda Síochána said. 

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