Harbison was a Bitter Bastard, and Heavy Boozer, hard to work with. He Fucked up the Crime Scene at the Cottage, all those years ago??? He Refused to come down for 2 days. The Rain pouring Down destroyed the evidence.

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Retired garda writes to Drew Harris over fears Baby John DNA was accidentally ‘contaminated’

The late State pathologist John Harbison

The late State pathologist John Harbison

September 26 2021 02:30 AM

A retired senior garda has written to Garda C ommissioner Drew Harris over “pangs of conscience” that officers investigating the 1984 Kerry murder of Baby John have been basing their investigations on the wrong DNA profile.

The astonishing correspondence outlines concerns that then State pathologist John Harbison accidently “contaminated” the murdered infant’s DNA, as he had come straight from the scene of man who had died following a fall in Bandon.

The retired garda wrote that he feared the late Prof Harbison had contaminated the infant’s DNA with the dead man’s, meaning gardaí potentially had the wrong DNA since 1984.


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