The Monk Hutch to be flown back to Ireland, heavy Armed Police will be on the Flight.

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‘The Monk’ due to be flown back from Spain into military airport within days

 29th September 2021

Regency Hotel murder suspect Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch is expected to be extradited back to Ireland from Spain within days.

Senior gardaí are currently drafting up a major security plan involving the Emergency Response Unit (ERU), which is expected to back up detectives from the Extradition Unit for Hutch’s return, which could happen as early as Thursday, according to sources.

Senior sources say ‘The Monk’ (58) is expected to be flown into Ireland on a military aircraft which will land at Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel.

“Because of the security issues surrounding this individual it is expected that he will be brought straight to the Special Criminal Court at the criminal courts complex in Dublin rather than a garda station for the purpose of being charged after he lands,” a senior source said.

“Exact details have not yet been finalised but the defence forces are also likely to have a role in the security operation.”

“Hutch is expected to be remanded in custody as soon as he is charged before the courts,” the source added.

Yesterday it emerged that ‘The Monk’ has lost his fight against extradition to Ireland to face trial for murder.

Sources say ‘The Monk’ has been informed of the court’s decision and is currently detained in a prison in Madrid.

He has been charged with the murder of Kinahan cartel gangster David Byrne in February 2016 following a lengthy investigation by Ballymun gardaí.

Spanish judges have ruled that if he is convicted in Ireland, he will be allowed to return to Spain to serve any sentence.

Hutch tried to avoid extradition to Ireland by claiming in his appeal against an earlier decision approving his return to Ireland that he had decided to become a full-time resident in Spain because of threats to his life.

The leader of the Hutch mob, who is facing a non-jury murder trial over the Regency Hotel attack in Dublin, also called the European Arrest Warrant that resulted in his capture “strange” and claimed police had tried and failed on three separate occasions beforehand to get him sent back to Ireland.

The judgment was only published yesterday, but three judges in Madrid made the decision on September 14.

The claims by Hutch’s defence team were mostly rebuffed by the judges, although they consented to making it a condition of his handover to Ireland that he was returned to Spain and allowed to serve his prison sentence there if he ends up being convicted of murder after trial in Dublin.

Senior sources said today that if he was convicted, Hutch could expect to spend a number of years in an Irish prison before being allowed back to Spain to serve the remainder of his sentence.

The judges also made it clear Hutch had exhausted his legal options in Spain by stating in the last part of the six-page document: “Against this ruling there is no appeal possible.”

Previously Spanish police confirmed they had been searching for him on the Canary Islands earlier this year, but lost track of him before intelligence pointed to the Costa del Sol.

He was found in the resort town of Fuengirola, on the island of Málaga, where he was arrested on the afternoon of August 12 in a restaurant.

In footage released to the media, ‘The Monk’ was seen holding a menu and wearing a face mask before he was surrounded by police who arrested him and marched him to a bathroom, searched him and took him to a waiting police car.

Hutch has been locked up in a Madrid jail since his arrest.

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