This mother needs Help Urgently; people are Trying to help each other, while this Fianna Fail including Fine Gael and the Greens “ship of fools”, turn their Backs on them. People must fight back, get these Bastards out of Office?

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Housing Minister insists property market is 'not out of

  · Can anyone give me any advice please. My landlord is selling the house I am living in the last 5 years. He did everything the legal way. Unfortunately I cannot find any house suitable for my daughters needs. She has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair accessible house with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. I have only just been accepted for social housing as I am no longer working. My family will qualify for €420 hap payments per month. This is beyond ridiculous considering how much the local rents have increased. I have been contacted by the rtb and am now waiting for the date of my meeting with the adjudicator (online not in person). Does anyone know what happens at that meeting. Also the council told me to explain the situation to my landlord and tell him that I will have to overstay. I am sorry for the long post but I don’t know what to do next. I am absolutely terrified of becoming homeless. Any advice would be appreciated

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        of 2 people and text that says 'Treasurer Clare CEO Patrick
        Secretary Samantha IRELAND'S HOUSING ACTION We are looking for board
'It keeps me awake every single night with worry': Your
        stories of Ireland's rental crisis

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