Ireland surrounded by sea has some serious thinking to do about Oil/Gas sources and facilities. We know the crisis that exists in the UK; we know Norway through Equinor has released supplies to Europe, objective similar to what Opec did in Middle East yes it is about supply and demand and price; we know the power of Russia with Nord Stream 2 – the sanctions; the fact that they look to Ukraine for supplies. Ireland is the end game of the geo-politics related to energy supply. Yes to Greta Thunberg et al but only when there is an alternative in the Green Energy supply chain, is it possible for the Irish people to be naive. Link GZERO “Natural gas prices are soaring”… do you care?

Mick Wallace @wallacemick · 1m A planning permission application has recently been made for LNG Terminal in the Shannon estuary

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At last, a little freedom from LockDown Covid-19. Galway well done. The cartoons are brilliant. Please support this Galway Cartoon Festival early October. There remains such creativity in the Irish people. Augustus John paintings are also explored. Two Flamboyant Fathers is worth reading; his long friendship with the Macnamara family of Doolin and Ennistymon.