Drew must Go, says Paul Murphy TD???

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Paul Murphy TD 

· Drew Harris has no place running any organisation, let alone the Gardaí. He must go. The documentary “Unquiet Graves” shed light on British state collusion with the loyalist paramilitaries. The RUC, UDR, and MI5 worked hand in glove with the vicious Glenanne Gang across Ireland to kill over 120 people in a sectarian campaign of terror – killing 33 people in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings alone.

In 2010, Drew Harris acting as the Assistant Chief Constable of the PSNI continued the cover up of British state collusion in loyalist murders by dismantling the organisation responsible for investigating them. He blocked any inquiries into the killings.

A Belfast judge in 2017 declared that he had engaged in an “extreme” abuse of power.

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