Greta Thunberg Bla Bla Bla. COP26 approaches. Coal and fossil fuels are a reality and are needed but a concerted effort is needed to gradually adapt to a cleaner source of energy.

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Hi Michelle, ⏰ Time’s running out. ⏰ Money for people at the sharp end of the climate crisis isn’t even on the COP26 agenda – the world’s largest climate conference – happening here in the UK in just 30 days time. Leaders from the wealthiest, highest-emitting countries, including our Prime Minister, are doing nothing to support the most vulnerable on the frontline of catastrophic climate change. Watch this 5 minute video to find out how we can achieve climate justice at COP 26. Thanks to all you who got involved in last week’s first ever Loss and Damage Awareness Day and signed the petition to Boris Johnson. No worries if you missed the film premier: you can watch our powerful new film now: “This is Loss and Damage – Who Pays?”, narrated by well-known film actor Mark Strong. Featuring youth climate activist Vanessa Nakate, the film shows the culpability of the biggest polluting countries and corporations and offers a clear solution to providing finance for communities at the sharp end of the climate crisis.   Take action NOW and 📢 SHARE THIS FILM far and wide to help ensure Loss and Damage is top of the agenda this COP26. Please share on twitter, facebook, or Instagram, or forward this email to your friends! 📝 SIGN THIS PETITIONdemanding Boris Johnson call for an international Loss and Damage fund, if you haven’t already! Thank you for taking action towards climate justice with us today. The Make Polluters Pay team
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