Where is Ireland Morally at Present? What do Ethics mean in relation to our so called “Guardians”. We have an Attorney General Alleged to be Moonlighting? Who know’s or truly cares if there are conflicts of interest per consequence? Then we have a Judge in Kerry, Accused of Sexual Fantasies and phone calls to women who came before his “Court”; yes Alleged? Last but not least, a Senior Garda, is presently being Questioned at Irishtown Garda Station, for Alleged Drugs and involvement in Gangland Crime; there are another 4 Gardai whose homes were Searched in the last 72 hours. What really is going on in Ireland?

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“……The Dáil heard yesterday that the Government’s most senior legal adviser is currently acting for a private client in a case in which the State is on the opposing side……”

……“So we have the Attorney General, the State’s top lawyer, acting for a number of former company directors of one of the biggest media companies in the country, in the case which emanated from an inquiry by the State’s corporate watchdog. You couldn’t make it up,” Ms Shortall said…….


“…….The man was apprehended in an operation by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation during which 30kgs of cannabis herb, with an estimated street value of €600,000, and €47,000 in cash was seized in searches of five premises in Dublin……”


“Her first appearance before Judge O’Connor was in Killarney District Court in 2016. Later that year, when she was applying for a continuation of an interim barring order, he asked in court for the phone numbers of her and her estranged husband”.

“After the case concluded and she had left the court, he phoned her. She thought it was a prank at first, but it wasn’t. He told her she looked very beautiful in the court that day.”

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