Commisioner Harris: Rogue practices within An Garda Siochana; do not get too consumed by the minutiae … check out these tweets

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nwl @nwl88444048 Our glorious media has decided not to name the “retired senior Garda” arrested on suspicion of being a mole for the Hutch dto. He’s 61, male, retired before 2016, worked in Gardai for 30 years, spent time in “managerial positions” in Dublin/elsewhere. <5~ fit that description! Quote Tweet

nwl @nwl88444048 · 20h The 61-year old male retired superintendent [who retired before 2016] has had his custody extended by 72 hrs. He is suspected of assisting the Hutch drug trafficking organisation. Hasn’t the public interest tipped privacy for our glorious media to identify the arrested suspect?…


A record 79 Gardai suspended – around 1-in-200 of the service. Gardai publish July 2021 service update No update on 999 calls scandal. No update on juvenile [lack of] prosecutions scandal. No update on crime stats scandal. 10:25 AM · Aug 14, 2021·Twitter Web Ap


nwl @nwl88444048 Per John Mooney today “Gardai suspect the two [the arrested 61-year old former superintendent and the suspended detective] alerted [Gerry] Hutch to the issuance of a European arrest warrant [in April 2021] seeking his arrest” So, not dem blastid Europeans tipping off Hutch. Quote Tweet

nwl @nwl88444048 · Oct 1 Gardai now believe that Gerry Hutch was tipped off by a rogue Garda. Back in April, Garda “sources” were implying there were corrupt leaks at European level. We now have the biggest corruption investigation of An Garda Siochana in the history of the state. About time.…

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