The Kinahan/ Hutch War Continues behind Prison Walls???

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Jail bosses ‘disrupting’ Kinahan cartel activity behind bars as hitmen moved between prisons

 2nd October 2021

Jail bosses are continuing to disrupt the activities of the Kinahan cartel by moving gangsters around the prison system.

It can be revealed two notorious hitmen have had their routines severely disrupted in recent days.

“Prisoners are moved around for what are called operational reasons but in many cases these transfers happen to prevent and minimise criminal activity within the jail system and that is the case here,” a source said.

When contacted about the situation, a spokeswoman said: “The Irish Prison Service does not comment on individual prisoner cases for operational and security reasons.”

Jail insiders said Finglas criminal Gary Thompson (36) was “becoming a top dog” in the drugs trade in Mountjoy Prison and was starting to exert control over other inmates.

In response he was moved to Castlerea Prison in Co Roscommon on September 19 but was this week further transferred to the Midlands Prison in Co Laois.

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It is suspected that the gangster, who is serving 12 and a half years for his role in a plot to kill Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s brother Patrick ‘Patsy’ Hutch for the cartel, arrived at Castlerea Prison with a package of drugs which he distributed among other inmates.

Sources say that despite being searched numerous times, prison officers could find no solid evidence of his drug dealing and he was not formally disciplined.

However he was moved into an isolation area of the prison before his latest transfer to the Midlands Prison on Wednesday.

Thompson, of Plunkett Green, Finglas, and his brother Glen (26), of Plunkett Drive, Finglas, were two members of a three-man “hit for hire” gang that targeted Patrick Hutch.

They pleaded guilty at the Special Criminal Court in July 2019 to unlawful possession of four firearms with intent to endanger life at Belmont Hall Apartments, Gardiner Street, Dublin, on March 10, 2018.

Meanwhile, another notorious Kinahan cartel hitman, Trevor Byrne (41), who is also from Finglas, was said to be “enjoying life” in Ireland’s highest security prison in Portlaoise where he had been based for a number of months.

However, last Friday he was sent back to Mountjoy Prison, where he had previously served time on remand, and he is understood to be closely monitored by officers.

“Officially this was for operational reasons but in reality he was starting to become a problem in Portlaoise so he is in Mountjoy now,” a jail insider said.

Byrne is serving consecutive jail sentences totalling 17 and a half years for firearms offences and for the armed robbery of a bookmakers, after which he hijacked a woman’s car at gunpoint and threatened to kill her.

Like his associate Gary Thompson, he was also sentenced at the Special Criminal Court.

Byrne, who has 44 convictions, had left his phone at the scene of the robbery. He was convicted earlier this year by the Special Criminal Court of five charges arising from the armed robbery of Boylesports in Applewood Village in Swords, Co Dublin, on March 19, 2010.

The father of three was already serving a nine-year sentence backdated to November 2019 for a firearms offence.

He was found by armed gardaí in a back garden cabin, where a loaded handgun had been stashed.

Byrne had pleaded guilty six days into his trial to possession of a loaded 9mm Luger-caliber Radom 35 firearm at a house in Woodford Grove, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, on November 15, 2019. 

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