Some Female Gardai say, Quietly, they are Scared in the Stations they work in??? Drew needs to Shape up???

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Gardaí probe claims of bullying and sexual harassment at work

 3rd October 2021

Gardaí have been hit by 76 claims of harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment over the past five years, including eight complaints so far this year.

A detailed breakdown reveals that seven male and one female officer have alleged they were victims of bullying at work during 2021.

However, An Garda Síochána said there had been no complaints of either harassment or sexual harassment in the first nine months of the year.

The figures for 2021 appear so far to be down on previous years’ numbers. According to the data, 18 complaints were made last year, 14 were made in 2019, and 19 the year before that.

Of the 76 overall claims of harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment, 50 were sent forward for a formal investigation.

There were 10 complaints that were rejected and under Garda policy were not deemed to be bullying or harassment.

Seven complaints were withdrawn before an investigation was concluded, while nine cases were resolved through mediation, according to the details that were released under FOI.

An investigation of 24 of the cases resulted in the complaint not being upheld, and only nine cases resulted in an upheld complaint.

Gardaí said there were still 17 cases that remained either under investigation or were currently being looked at through the appeals process.

The data is broken down by gender, with 40 of the bullying complaints made by male gardaí and 32 by female officers.

There has been just one complaint made of harassment over the past five years and it was filed by a male officer.

Three complaints of sexual harassment have been made by gardaí, all by female officers. Two of them were made in 2018 and one last year. Of the three cases, one was withdrawn, another was upheld, and a single complaint remains under investigation.


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