Corruption Awareness Ireland. Imagine that certain Low-life Gardai, abused their power, morality and ethics and leaked photos of Dara. This woman was so Vulnerable and to have her photos uploaded to social media by what can only be called “Scum”. These Gardai should have been before the Courts of Ireland and charged with a criminal offence.

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Not One Garda Faced Criminal Charges Over Dara Quigley’s Death. 4 years ago today Journalist, Blogger and Activist #DaraQuigley died by taking her own life. In April 2017 Dara had a psychotic episode and was filmed on CCTV walking naked down Harcourt Street, in Dublin, and was arrested. A member of the Garda Síochána went to the police station CCTV control room, rewound the video to the segment, and replayed it, using a phone to record the incident. The garda shared the video to a WhatsApp group that included only other gardai.

By 7th April 2017 it had spread to other internet locations and was viewed over 120,000. times. Dara became aware of the footage’s release while in rural Tipperary. 12th April 2017 Dara died by suicide.

No organisation or individual has ever been held responsible for their role in the violation of Dara’s rights.

The Garda accused of sharing the footage did NOT face criminal charges. We remember Dara using her own words which epitomise her : ” Our economy and society are modeled on the behaviour of pigeons, survival of the fittest, everybody out for themselves. The reality is more complex and beautiful than this regime can imagine. In reality, we are more like a flock of starlings, producing intricate, amazing patterns all arising from one fundamental rule: no one bird is allowed to get lost. This is the type of society I want to see, where no one person is allowed to fall between the cracks, nobody gets lost and no person is homeless. Sparkle like the natural diamonds you are ” ( Respect to a fallen Warrior ) ( Gone but never forgotten ) R. I. P.

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