Leo is the King of Big Dinners and the Elites, and in his own Words, Fuck the Fianna Fail Morons???

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Leo Varadkar attended black tie dinner with 85 people as ‘social’ gatherings ban continues

Exclusive: The Restaurants Association of Ireland has hit out at IBEC for hosting the swanky bash, saying it was ‘angered’ at the ‘unequal’ special treatment for big business

Leo Varadkar has warned we are facing up to 4,000 Covid cases and 500 people in hospital every day when the worst of the new Delta variant hits.

Leo Varadkar has been slammed for attending a black tie dinner with 85 “corporate big wigs” while families are still banned from eating out at more than one table.

The Tanaiste was a guest speaker at the Irish Business and Employers Confederation’s president’s dinner.

The business group’s swanky function was held in the Clayton Hotel Burlington Road in Dublin.

Solidarity/People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett criticised the Tanaiste for attending.

He added: “It’s just typical of the double standards among Government members.”

The Restaurants Association of Ireland hit out at IBEC for hosting the bash and said it was “angered” at the “unequal” special treatment for big business. The event took place on Thursday, September 23, even though “social” gatherings are still not allowed, according to the latest Failte Ireland guidelines.

Business and political leaders gathered under the shadow of Brexit uncertainty for the British Irish Chamber of Commerce annual gala dinner this evening as the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry Dame Carolyn Fairbairn gave their reaction to events in Westminster. (Image: Justin Farrelly)

The Irish Mirror has learned the IBEC evening began for dozens of “tuxedoed gentlemen” with pints in nearby O’Brien’s Bar on Sussex Terrace.

The party then moved across the road for food and wine in the hotel.

Mr Varadkar has defended his attendance at the evening

His spokesman said: “The event was organised independently by IBEC.

“The Tanaiste’s office liaised with the organisers and were informed that Failte Ireland had been consulted regarding the guidelines.

“IBEC informed the Tanaiste’s office that the event was fully compliant.” IBEC used an exemption provided in the latest Failte hospitality guidelines, which allows business organisations to gather at multiple tables for “essential” business only.

A spokesman for the business organisation said it marked the annual handover of the presidency with an event of less than 100 members and guests for a fully seated dinner.

He added: “The event was fully compliant and assured so by Failte Ireland and the venue.”

IBEC confirmed that there were 85 people at the dinner.

Mr Boyd Barrett added: “They tell everyone else to abide by the rules and then they make different rules for themselves, that’s what makes people really angry.

“Ordinary families still have to live with restrictions, but it’s a different story for Leo and the corporate ‘big wigs’ of the business world in Ireland.”

Adrian Cummins, CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, said its members are further disappointed and angered to see the unequal treatment of hospitality businesses continue on indoor dining.

He added: “There is no logic or fairness to the ongoing exclusion of hospitality and family social events and we appeal to Government to rectify this exclusion immediately.” The general manager of the Burlington Hotel confirmed numbers.

He added: “We did have a small business dinner here in Clayton Burlington Road on Thursday last September 23rd with numbers less than 100 guests.

“In consultation with Failte Ireland I can confirm that all Failte Ireland Covid guidelines were fully adhered to.”

Sinn Fein spokeswoman on enterprise, Louise O’Reilly, also criticised Mr Varadkar, last night.

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