A corrupt guard gets caught with a lot of drugs but he is treated differently to how everyone else would be. Firstly The Garda Twitter page which likes to tell us when they found a lad with enough for two joints said nothing about their find. The Media or #Presstitutes who love to harass individuals post addresses and pictures in the paper didn’t do that either. Didn’t even get the usual line he was known to the Guards. Anyway there is a lot of serious corruption within the Force and still we have Gardai investigating Gardai and the word of a guard being good enough to convict individuals in the special criminal courts. Paul Williams the Garda’s favourite Presstitute who seems to have a never ending supply of Information to put into print, has been very silent.

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May be an image of 1 person and text that says
        'Diarmaid McManus @ItsDiarmaid Hey @gardainfo did you tweet
        about this drug and cash seizure? Is there a reason you didn't
        tweet about this drug and cash seizure? It's on the larger end
        of drug and cash seizures so I'm surprised you didn't tweet
        about it! GARDA irishtimes.com Serving Garda member suspended
        after investigation into drugs trade'

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