Corporation tax up from 12.5% (often in reality as low as 2%) is now going up to 15%. Why? World is tackling Corruption and all but 10 countries have signed up to tackling corruption and where best to start but with Corporation Tax. Ireland will lose out significantly but then we have had these gains for decades, thanks in the main to Lemass and Whitaker and Foreign Direct Investment. We have prospered on this but now we must make changes. Time to raise taxes for those who earn over a certain amount.

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Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, charged with treason
                    and insulting national symbols for his political
                    cartoons, vows to defend his work and continue his
                    campaign against corruption and censorship in India.
                    Poster On Corruption, Corruption In India, Political
                    Art, Political Cartoons, India Poster, Drawing
                    Competition, Poster Drawing, Drawing Sketches,
                    National Symbols

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