O’Neills Legal Team: “My Client spent 100 Days in a Mental Hospital, as an Inpatient; now we must Ask How this happened and Why?” The NCBI investigated Gardai in the mid-west of Ireland, a case was put to the DPP but there were No Charges. Decent Cops are being Hounded by a System corrupted by cronyism at every level and illegality also. The retired superintendent suffered irreparable damage to his his reputation, his mental health yet when one looks at his work and commendations, one can only envisage that there was cronyism but also jealousy … those eyes of the little Green Monster.

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Former superintendent will not face corruption charges as DPP directs no prosecution

The retired superintendent was arrested by detectives in May, 2019.

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Image: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC Prosecutions has directed gardaí not to charge a retired garda superintendent with corruption.

A wide-ranging National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) probe into allegations of corruption among gardaí stationed in the mid-west has been ongoing in recent years. 

The DPP this week told NBCI investigators that their file cannot support a prosecution of the now-retired superintendent.  

Investigators had been investigating him for allegedly assisting another garda in passing information about garda operations to a criminal organisation.

This NBCI probe saw garda specialists allegedly bugging Garda stations and the private vehicles of serving gardaí as they sought evidence.

The probe started two years ago and saw the then-Superintendent’s home searched and phones and electronic devices seized.

The former superintendent was also arrested in May 2019 and interrogated by NBCI detectives.

The senior garda, who was a well known figure in the successful destruction of the McCarthy/Dundon and Keane/Collopy gangs and their murderous feud, has since resigned from the gardaí.

In recent days he received word that the investigation into his alleged involvement in corruption was being dropped and that he would not face charges. 

Limerick city based Solicitor Dan O’Gorman, who represents the former superintendent, said that he believes that the NBCI investigation was “bungled and unnecessarily protracted”.  

“Families have been devastated in circumstances where the member was arrested in May 2019 and brought to Athlone Garda Station where he was interviewed and where he answered all questions fully.

“In two and half years he has never been requested to attend for further interview even though this has started in May 2019,” O’Gorman said. 

The solicitor has strongly criticised the manner in which the investigation was conducted and has said his client was treated unfairly.  

“When I was in Athlone Garda Station, and the interview finished and that was their evidence I looked at him and said then it was clear they showed no evidence of corruption.

“He was never re-interviewed. After two and a half years, during which he has spent 100 days in a mental hospital as an inpatient and now not being prosecuted.”

O’Gorman added: 

“While in Limerick it is on the record previously that he was of selfless service to the citizens of the city, at the time when Limerick was characterised nationally as a warzone.

“The negative atmosphere in the city was horrendous, there were legitimate talks of troops and army being brought out to support the guards. My client, serving as a detective at those times, he and his colleagues took a major part in bringing Limerick back to a wonderful city.”

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