Paddy Rochford . This is Senator Malcolm Byrne, Gorey Wexford, Fianna Fail the dying Republican Party. Now he is calling for young people to be Jailed when they make mistakes, just like young people do. You see humans in their teenage years, or while they are changing from childhood into adulthood, yes all of us poor mortals will remember doing things or trying things that were considered wrong by our elders, but it was the change that we were going through that drove us that way. We eventually grow out of those rebellious years, and then some of us don’t, not many just a few. But if Malcolm Byrne believes that jailing young people or giving young people criminal records is the way to make young people grow up quicker, well then God help our future. Malcolm Byrne should think seriously about prisons and what they can and have been used for in the past and yes right now. You see Mr Byrne is a Gay Man and it is not that long ago when young gay men were jailed for their sexuality, and the proof of jailing young men to prevent them becoming gay did not work and it never will, Mr Byrne is the proof himself. You would think Mr Byrne would have realised this before shooting his FF mouth off. I have witnessed the guards harassing and intimidating young people at demonstrations and then taking them to court and lying under Oath to get them criminal records that will last them all their lives. These young people are normally from poor backgrounds, and by giving them criminal record the Judges and the guards are making certain that those unfortunate people remain unfortunates for the rest of their lives and of course their off springs. That is what our guards politicians and politically appointed judges, do to our children. But at least we might just get rid of FF from Dail Eireann at the next election, they have failed our people and the likes of Senator Malcolm Byrne have nothing to offer us so just ignore the likes of him and forget about giving him your sympathy vote because the likes of him will only abuse it. Children should be taught about life when they begin their education, but all we are taught is how to get work so we can pay all kinds of taxes to keep the civil servants, the public servants and politicians in comfortable homes and a guaranteed payment for all their lives, no matter what criminal acts they get up to, now these are the bastards that we should be jailing. Malcom Byrne was rejected by the electorate so the corrupt government saddled us with him anyway, now that is a criminal act, the people of Gorey and Wexford told us in no uncertain way they did not want Mr Byrne representing them yet he went begging for a Senate Seat off his corrupt pals in the Dail, and now he wants to jail the unfortunate young people of our country. If this is the future for our children we should put a stop to it right now. Let Mr Byrne and his FF and FG colleagues know that we are angry, and that we would rather rip the country apart and start afresh sooner than have them stealing our children’s right from under our noses. We should start teaching our children not to take any nonsense from these criminals.

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