Carla4Garda, Arrested, not for Alleging she Bonked at least 30 Gardai across the Country (on the Bonnets of Squad Cars); but for having a Garda Uniform, we have yet to learn the “Rank”

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Carla4Garda porn clip star ‘arrested for possessing Garda uniform’

Carla Gabberlover – who calls herself Carla4Garda in her videos – says she is being investigated for impersonating a garda

Carla Gabberlover
Carla Gabberlover

A woman who made a steamy porn video with a garda was arrested — on suspicion of possessing parts of a force uniform.

Carla Gabberlover – who calls herself Carla4Garda in her videos – says she is being investigated for impersonating a garda.

The offence carries a fine of up to €50,000 and five years in prison. And the Englishwoman fears she will be charged.

“I’m just waiting on a file back from the Director of Public Prosecutions to see if I’ll be charged,” Ms Gabberlover told the Irish Mirror last night.

The Englishwoman hit the headlines in 2017 when she appeared in several online porn videos – including one with a serving garda.

The steamy romp sparked a scandal in the force and the officer was forced to fight for his job

Detectives from the elite National Bureau of Criminal Investigations swooped on Ms Gabberlover’s rural home – to hunt for Garda gear she allegedly used in her steamy videos.

The Englishwoman said officers twice searched her home – once for the Garda equipment including shirts, a cap and handcuffs and another time for her mobile phone.

And then, she says, she was asked to attend a Garda station – to be arrested over the offence.

Ms Gabberlover told the Irish Mirror: “I was asked to go in and be arrested in April this year.

“I was put in the clink and questioned from 10am until 6pm.

They had to keep extending the time.

It was horrible being away from my babies, too. But sure they were just doing their job.

“They came for a warrant for a hat and cuffs and came back again for my phone.

“They found a hat and old off duty T-shirt and a few shirts.

“I am just waiting to see if I am charged over that.

“It was shocking to say the least. Unmarked cars and they jumped out surrounding me leaving cars in the lane. It was a f***ing joke.”

The garda who romped with Ms Gabberlover in the porn video posted online hid his face, but officer was quickly identified after the clip showed an official Garda car. Officers were able to identify the unit that used the car and then tracked the garda down.

He was then suspended, before being reinstated in mid 2018 – but was told he was facing an internal disciplinary process. That internal disciplinary hearing – formally called a board of inquiry – ruled that the officer should be hit with a fine of three weeks’ pay, but also decided he should keep his job despite the scandal.

The Commissioner, however, asked the officer to resign.

The young officer then appealed to another internal Garda disciplinary body – which later found in his favour.

But, despite that, the Commissioner insisted he should be sacked and the young garda then went to the High Court to try to keep his job.

The High Court finally ruled in the officer’s favour and ordered Garda Commissioner Drew Harris to let him stay in the force.

The officer is believed to be back on duty now

Ms Gabberlover told the Irish Mirror she was delighted the officer’s job had been saved.

It’s understood a man who allegedly gave Ms Gabberlover the Garda gear is under investigation for supplying the items to her, but he has not been charged yet.

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