Supt O’Neill is a Decorated Officer; he was part of the Team in Limerick who brought Down the Infamous Dundon Gang? Something Stinks here, where is Drew M17 (Former) who needs to Answer some Questions, and the DPP needs to answer questions too? Let us take this a little further: Supt O’Neill served with Distinction and now there will be no charges against him; again I ask who orchestrated and planned this Salem Witch Hunt? Imagine a man in his bed with his wife and young child and Gardai from Dublin, the so called elite Morons, enter his home at 3 a.m. and arrest him, to the shock of his wife and child and take him to Athlone Garda station, where he is held for over 12 hours. In my opinion, these were trumped up charges which never really existed and the DPP right now agrees with me and others. There is something corrupt going on alright but it is not with the Limerick Gardai, it is within the Garda HQ in Dublin. If the sinister Dark Forces can do this to their own, Imagine what they can do to an ordinary Irish citizen. All you have to do is ask Joe Doucey in Mayo who was in prison again I state on trumped up charges because he had a personal row with one Garda. I cannot say why at present but many people know. The Corruption stinks in the Gardai and many in Dublin are involved in Gangland and the Drug Trade but it is mind boggling that Commissioner Drew Harris could allocate 18 months on a Witch Hunt that went nowhere and the cost to the Irish taxpayer. Cathal Crowe has asked questions about this. Helen McEntee is out of her depth and she is being played by Harris like a muppet. In the meantime what Harris has done, and maybe it is not Harris, and maybe it is certain elements within who are giving him wrong advice. Time will tell and I hope that the Gardai in Limerick can stand together and stand down the wrongdoing and get the morale back because right now in Limerick Gardai go to work in fear of not knowing what is going to happen next. The Silence of Willie O’Dea … begs many questions and one more point, sources tell me that Charlie Flanagan knows a lot about this case and maybe he can come forward and clarify the rumours that he is alleged to have knowledge about this “Salem” inquiry and Why? To be continued.

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WATCH: Dáil hears allegations of “witch trial” against Limerick Gardaí

Friday, September 24th, 2021 7:47am

via Getty Images

The Dáil has heard accusations of a “witch trial” against Gardaí in Limerick. 

Deputy Cathal Crowe has raised the issue of the ongoing suspension of eight Limerick gardaí, as part corruption probe led by the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

They have been suspended since last November as part of the investigation into alleged “squaring away” of road traffic offences.

Deputy Cathal Crowe says it raises questions around the use of discretion by the force. 

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