A game of Chinese Whispers, hope the Chimps are Safe at the Zoo, and their mother-in-law’s too???

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Chef made threat to slit throat of his ‘interfering’ ex-mother-in-law, court told

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14th October 2021

A CHEF told a former relative he would slit his ex-mother-in-law’s throat as he was sick of her interfering in his family life, a court heard.

Peter Thompson (30) had denied making the threat, saying he had no relationship with his former mother-in-law.

His lawyer claimed the allegation was a “game of Chinese whispers”.

Judge David McHugh said he was satisfied Thompson had made the throwaway comment in the heat of the moment and ordered him to enter into a peace bond for one year.

The defendant, of Abbotstown Avenue in Finglas, was found guilty of making a threat to kill or cause serious harm to his former mother-in-law, Lisa Knowles.

Karen Farmer told Blanchardstown District Court she was going into Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on July 6, 2019 when she heard her name called.

She turned and saw Thompson walking towards her.

He appeared agitated and asked her if she had seen his ex-wife Gemma or her mother, Lisa.

Ms Farmer said she knew Thompson because she had been in a relationship with his ex-wife’s brother.

She told Thompson she hadn’t seen them, and he said he was getting sick of Lisa interfering.

Ms Farmer then gave evidence that Thompson said he was “going to slit Lisa’s throat”.

She told him to stop talking in such a manner and walked away.

Ms Farmer said she later notified her ex-partner about what had happened and he told his mother, Lisa.

In her evidence, Ms Knowles said her son told her that Thompson had made a threat to slit her throat. She said she was “very panicked” about it and she and Ms Farmer later made a statement to gardaí.

In his evidence, Thompson denied making any threat, and said when he asked Ms Farmer if he had seen Ms Knowles or his ex-wife she had told him “you know what that family’s like”, and had walked away.

Defence solicitor Damien Coffey argued the allegation was a “game of Chinese whispers”.

Judge McHugh said he was satisfied Thompson had made the threat and he found him guilty.

Thompson, a father of two, had no previous convictions and worked as a chef in Dublin Zoo, the court heard.

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