Back to the Vulture Funds, and People Fighting Back?

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2 men who Refused to Apologise to a Judge were Released after 20 Weeks. Joe would like to say well done to #KevinTaylor, #AnthonyMcGann and #ColmGranahan on #Todays#Victory in the high court in front of the bold corrupt judge Leonie Reynolds . Of course the press will spin it s a victory for the courts and kbc bank and the boys are now under serious pressure with costs and undertakings. All bullshit. Reynolds told the lads at every hearing they would never get out of jail unless they purged contempt . Well, today the two boys got out without purging contempt and Reynolds hold was broken . This case has a bit to go yet but the courts and kbc bank will be shown for the fraudulent corrupt scammers they are .Today was the first victory as planned, in favour of Anthony McGann, Kevin Taylor and Colm Granahan . Up the Falsk Three #JoeDoocey#ACT#FarmEviction

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