Brian Rossiter was a Child, he never should have been, in a Garda Station; a station where many People Believe that he Died from Injuries to the head Sustained by a Horrific Beating. The Truth is that Not a Single Garda faced the Courts. Brian Rossiter was only 14 years old; Brian and the facts of his death in Garda Custody must never be forgotten.

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The Absence of the Rule of Law…….

Brian Rossiter 14 years old and death in custody. Why? UP DATED AGAIN BY FRED

Source: on Request. Span of years 2002 to 2008.

As you read the posting below, I would suggest you check coverage on two topics: Brain Injury writtten by Fred and the posting of Mr. Justice Barr’s Report and the shooting dead of John Carthy……

The sad and tragic and highly suspicious death of the young boy, Brian Rossiter, is back in the headlines today. The findings of the inquiry into the 14 year old boy’s death, while in Gardai custody, six years ago, has prompted the family solicitor to write to the Minister for Justice, Brian Lenihan – the letter openly states: What charges will be brought by the State against the Gardai named in this damning report?

This report is a condemnation of physical abuse and corruption yet again at a very high level among An Gardai Siochana – (Clonmel).

Brian was arrested on September 10th, in 2002. The Gardai told his father – his son was under the influence of both drugs and drink. The father sadly gave permission for Brian to be held overnight at the station. His father’s sad words were ‘I thought I was doing my best for my son…..but he died in the hands of the State’.

A more sinister element entered Brian Rossiter’s death when the Gardai arrested Noel Hannigan for an assault on Brian Rossiter. Hannigan pleaded guilty to head butting young Rossiter, a number of times and received a 2 and a half year sentence. Strangely during the trial another charge was put up against Hannigan – the charge was manslaughter. When the case moved before the court, the DPP swiftly moved in and withdrew the charges. The DPP James Hamilton issued a very serious statement. The Gardai added on charges without the consent of the DPP and an enquiry will be conducted into how this happened.

Very serious, I would suggest. Of course, it is a Cover-up. Now enters Maura Cassidy, State Pathologist, from Scotland. (Miss Cassidy, not her first time to make serious mistakes in post mortems. Dr. Pomeroy is taking Dr. Cassidy to court this year regarding the death of her son. Dr. Cassidy’s postmorterm referred to the Pomeroy boy’s consumption of alcohol, but Dr. Pomeroy replied that her son never drank). Now here is a serious twist in this cover-up: In the case of Brian Rossiter, Dr. Cassidy found that the haemorrhage which lead to Rossiter’s death was a result of slow internal bleeding that happened at the time of Hannigan’s assault. But, this cannot be, because the DPP withdrew those charges.

Two British medical experts, at the statutory inquiry disagreed with Dr. Cassidy. They concluded the 14 year old received his fatal injury either just before or during his time Garda custody, that leaves Hannigan in the clear and it leaves some rogue Gardai and Dr. Cassidy in the loop.

I will close by asking are the Gardai Siochana a private army of Fianna Fail – I believe a lot of them are. Don’t forget some months ago, Assistant Commissioner, Martin Donnellan sat at the top table at Clontarf Castle with Bertie Ahern and co. That surely leaves the Deputy Commissioner compromised. Some members of the Gardai Siochana are responsible for this young boy’s death and I ask tonight that they come forward and face a criminal court. Don’t forget the cover-up relatng to the young Wheelock boy in Store Street Station.

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