Gerry the Monk, and now Santa Claus Hutch, a man of many Different Roles … as Hutch Awaits the Courts…what game plan is being constructed from within?

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Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch compared to Santa Claus as he has grown beard in prison

 17th October 2021

Gerry “The Monk” Hutch has been compared to Santa Claus – as he’s now sporting a “massive” beard behind bars.

The Irish Mirror has learned that the 58-year-old murder accused, who is in an isolated cell on Wheatfield Prison’s 3G Wing, is sporting a “thick, lengthy grey beard”.

It is believed he is letting his hair grow out as he awaits trial for the Regency Hotel killing of David Byrne.

A source said: “He’s being compared now to Santa Claus because of the way he’s looking.

“He’s growing the beard out and looking a little worse for wear these days.

Hutch previously grew a beard while hiding out in Spain – but he’d shaved it off when he was arrested by officers in a Fuengirola restaurant in August.

It is understood he hasn’t had a single personal visit in prison since he was flown into Ireland on September 29 – but he is in regular contact with his wife Patricia and son Gerard Jnr.

Apart from that, sources say Hutch has had two visits from his legal team as he begins to study the case against him before the Special Criminal Court.

He is on remand and facing trial, due to appear in court again for a brief hearing later this month – but his 13-week trial isn’t due to start until October next year.

In order to seek bail in the interim, Hutch must make an application before the High Court.

As this paper previously revealed, the detention of Hutch is a massive security and logistical challenge.

It is understood there is a round-the-clock garda presence outside Wheatfield while he is kept relatively isolated at an end cell on the 3G Wing.

Hutch is understood to be housed with 14 other prisoners, though sources say jail bosses are considering moving many of them off the same landing.

He has also been deliberately placed in a cell that cannot be seen from the outside – amid fears of a Kinahan cartel spy drone.

The source added: “Drones have become a major concern in the prison and the Kinahans have been using them to try and monitor what’s going on as well as sending in contraband in the past.

“There is a real fear one could be used to try and monitor his movements and so he’s now in a place where that is next to impossible.”

Hutch’s arrival in Ireland started with a whirlwind plane journey from Spain straight to an Irish court where he was charged with the murder of Byrne.

It was after 8.15pm before a packed room of reporters and gardai.

Hutch was then immediately transported under armed guard to Portlaoise Prison, arriving at the maximum security facility at midnight.

There, officers completed the necessary paperwork to authorise transfer to him to Wheatfield in West Dublin.

It is understood Hutch was left sitting in a blacked-out van under armed guard as the paperwork was signed inside the prison which houses many of his sworn enemies.

Portlaoise jail is home to Kinahan cartel killer Jonathan Keogh, who murdered The Monk’s nephew Gareth in May 2016.

Cartel lieutenant “Fat” Freddie Thompson, who led much of its campaign against the Hutches, is also imprisoned there.

The Monk is understood to be sharing the same landing as co-accused ex- Sinn Fein councillor Jonathan Dowdall.

The 43-year-old has also been charged at the non-jury Special Criminal Court with the murder of Kinahan cartel gangster Byrne at the Regency Hotel on February 5, 2016.

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