Is Anne Rabbitte Accepting a HSE Cover-up Here???

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HSE accused of ‘secrecy’ over Donegal abuse report

HSE ‘assessing’ whether disciplinary action is warranted

Junior Minister Anne Rabbitte

Junior Minister Anne Rabbitte

October 17 2021 02:30 AM

The Minister of State for Disabilities has accused the Health Service Executive of “fuelling secrecy” by refusing to publish a shocking report that revealed 18 residents in a care home were sexually abused by another resident with the “full knowledge” of management.

In a letter to the HSE on October 5, Anne Rabbitte wrote: “As minister, I believe the perception of secrecy which is being fuelled by your decision to hold back on full publication must be shattered. We all must strive for the fullest sense of transparency and openness. Secrecy is not an option.”

The letter reveals the depth of the clash between the minister and the HSE over the publication of a report which the HSE says cannot be published in full. It had proposed publishing an executive summary of the report but was asked not to last week by An Garda Siochána.

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