Reading Media one would think the Monk is already convicted and doing a very long Prison Sentence. Think Again. The Monk and former Supt. Spud Murphy (it now seems were very close buddies) along with, it is alleged, other Gardai. So the Monk may be in Custody for at least a year before his trial comes up, for the attack on the Regency hotel event but do not forget his nephew walked out Scot Free and we can never forget the tragic suicide of a decent copper Supt. Colm Fox. We now know that former Top Cop Spud Murphy had friends in RTE, among many Irish Journalists, and all types of celebs, not forgetting Larry Mullins U2 and many more. Murphy was also, some years ago, the Architect on how we run our district courts. This just shows you the level of influential contacts this alleged corrupt Garda had/has. Now, back to the Monk: His trial will be very intriguing and I would say without a shadow of doubt, there are many people out there today in uniform and others out of same, who are shitting bricks. One more point: This is a very crucial point. The Alleged Leader of the Kinahan Cartel, Daniel Kinahan, Produced a Video of His Version of the Attack at the Regency…it was Laughed at by the Main Media here and also by our Government of Clowns and Muppets. There are few laughing now. I will tell you why? The Question: Gardai had to know on that day of the Boxing Weigh in at the Regency Hotel and yet there was not a squad car to be seen for three kilometers. This alone would have a Chimp scratching his head…a Chimp in Dublin Zoo. In time we know one thing “Water Finds its Own Level”.

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